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Anti-Phishing Tips for Businesses

Businesses are no doubt suffering from crooks pretending to be them. If a bank or credit card company utilizes email for account reminders, and a customer grows accustomed to getting them, sooner or later that customer will fall for a scam inserted in between. eBay is a big player who knows this, which is why they rolled out an internal messaging system. The pursuit of “e-safe” customer relations need not stop there.

Phishers cutting bait, now using web ad lures

I have seem a lot of websites and services playing the ad hedging game. Some buy high priced ad words, and sell them for even higher prices as part of more “comprehensive” offerings, while others simply purchase certain keywords directing to their sites, and then pepper their style sheets with enough high priced keywords to ensure some very lucrative clicks. But I really wish I had seen this latest news coming, so I could gloat over my prescience, and ramble on about arbitrage possibilities in world’s latest commodity market (web ads that is).