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News Bulletin: Universities at Risk

The Chicago Tribune reports (via the LA Times): College Door Ajar for Online Criminals.

I’m wondering if there is some standard for the number of records of personally identifiable information that must be stolen before the MSM picks up on a story, as they’re a little late to the punch here.

It won’t be long before there are sensationalist headlines pouring across the net, portraying this university hacking issue as something new. Oops, there’s one already.

Another week, another college hacked

These types of announcements are probably getting on your nerves by now – someday I will quit covering the subject. This week’s education hack victim, The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs campus.

Sounds like I popped off too soon on that whole “taking things seriously” blurb. Then again, maybe the perpetrater was the latest hacking contest winner? Or forgot the contest dates, and will soon come forward to claim their prize?

Off to school again

An ongoing report on why university IT departments should let their students run the show..

Latest (although not necessarily greatest), Iowa State University.