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The future of computing privacy ends with an “X”

And the future is reserved for the minority.

In the wake of the Windows Genuine Advantage “issue,” Peter Cullen, Microsoft’s chief privacy strategist speaks out. Slashdotters are throwing the bullshit flag over it, calling for companies to take the UNIX bull by the horns and screaming for more Linux on the desktop.

I’ve converted half a dozen folks to Linux in the last year. Unfortunately most of them have switched back. Why? Learning something new is just too much work for most people, even if it does mean less hassles from viruses, spyware, and their computers disclosing its contents to some “big brother.”

Microsoft knows this.


A call for Linux “training wheels” has been made.

Time for Apple users to start watching out

Apple users best watch out. The OS X platform is gaining popularity in droves, and particularly with hackers security experts. The reasons are clear. It is a UNIX base, user friendly, and virtually every open source tool that one needs is available for a Mac unit, via Fink, DarwinPorts, or otherwise.

While I use a Powerbook, and feel pretty secure, I doubt I am going to thwart a pro. Apple may have the same problem – they aren’t used to all this attention.

Quick thanks on a PHP problem

I’ve got to pass thanks on to michaelk, Senior Member at Linux Questions.org for figuring out why my PHP scripts would not work on FC3, despite my crude attempt at explaining the problem.

Repeat after me…..PHP scripts must have Unix permission 644 in order to run on Apache. Again, PHP scripts must have Unix permission 644 in order to run on Apache.

Dumb mistake figured out by a quick thinker. Thanks again.