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Handheld device upgrade agita

blackberry upgradeBlackberry came out with a new version of their OS for the Curve. I received notification of said fact a few days ago, and went for it.

If you use your phone, any phone, as the primary point of contact, you probably shouldn’t try upgrading over-the-air. Even if it doesn’t fail, you bound to feel some heartburn. In this case, the upgrade was done via the Blackberry Desktop Manager, and on the first run the process failed to get everything backed up. I gulped, thinking I was going to have to fiddle with all manner of settings after the fact, but the upgrade stopped on its own.

Back up everything beforehand, the manual way, then start the upgrade process. And pour a cocktail – you’re going to need it because the restarts can take a while. Over here there were two stiff drinks, as the boot seemed to stall at the halfway mark.

What’s new? Not a heck of a lot. The texting interface now looks and acts like Blackberry Messenger. There are also a bunch of application icons scattered around for social network applications and such that actually prompt for download – highly unnecessary, and I’m not sure how to get rid of them. Oh, and the alarm setting has been updated.

MG signing off (to find some Tums, despite still being hungry)

This is a test of the WordPress 3.0 non-emergency broadcast system

WordPress 3.0 was released this morning. Didn’t hear it on some tech blog – I received this extra special personalized email direct from Matt Mullenweg…

WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” available

You’ve probably already seen the notice in your dashboards, so I’ll keep this one short and sweet:


3.0 is faster, stabler, and more secure, so you can focus on what matters (your audience) and let the rest fade to the background.

Custom post types, MU merge, menu editor, Twenty Ten theme, over 1,200 bug fixes… there’s so much to enjoy in this new release, we’re really proud of it. It’s the best WordPress yet, and available for a limited time for only free ninety nine. 😉

Tell your friends, help them upgrade, write new themes that use the new features, spread the good word.

Matt Mullenweg

OK, so it’s a form notice for anyone who has ever asked a development question at WordPress.org.

I don’t usually jump to a dot zero version of any upgrade, but I’m in a rush to get out of town. And I like living on the edge every so often, so I downloaded the latest.

Just to make things fun, I did a quick backup of everything. Then, instead of checking to see if the plugins and theme (wildly custom, as you can see from the appearance) on this site were up-to-date and/or deactivate them first, I just deleted the wp-admin and wp-includes directory, pulled my themes and plugins directories out of the way (they are under wp-content), did a straight copy/overwrite with the new code, and then moved my theme and plugins back into place.

After that, I try logging in, wait ten seconds for the database upgrade, and do a dummy check…

Mullenweg doesn’t really love me, and that’s ok. I only like WordPress, but I like it an awful lot. It’s the easiest piece of software I’ve ever had to manage, and I thank the development community behind it from the bottom of my heart.

It took me eight minutes to write this blog post, and it took roughly half that to upgrade to WordPress 3.0. Without a single hitch.

MG signing off (wishing WordPress painted its toenails pink – then I’d love it)

Snow Leopard upgrade notes (UPDATED)

I upgraded yesterday. Here’s what happened…

The MacBook Pro was a Tiger install upgraded to Leopard. I deactivated and removed Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2, and Acrobat 7 as I knew they wouldn’t run afterward (and really ran kind of lame beforehand too). I had 51.77 GB on the drive, which I then backed up with Carbon Copy Cloner to an external drive. Immediately post-install I had 64.99 GB of drive space. I don’t know how much of that pickup is attributable to the base 10 change, but 13 gigs is quite a difference. I think it probably had more to do with cleaning up the two previous installs.

I lost quite a few apps, but by choice. Anything that required Rosetta was deleted, and I don’t think the machine is any worse for wear. After cleanup I was sitting on just over 70GB of free space. There were some [geeky] quirks too:

  • Little Snitch still runs, but when messing with settings System Preferences reverts to 32-bit mode.
  • I had to re-pair the Nokia with the computer, bluetooth-wise. My AT&T service still isn’t any better.
  • MySQL ceased operation, and I believe it had something to do with symlinks from the startup module. I upgraded to 5.1.39, the 64-bit version, and all is good again. I also ran Marc Liyanage’s script for removing MySQL, and it found an old version 4 lying around. It never harmed anything before (I was previously running like 5.1.10), but freeing up even more drive space was a blessing in disguise.
  • Home grown OpenSSL certificates got wiped out. Now I get to follow my own instructions for re-creation. I found this out when Apache wouldn’t start, and thought it strange that the upgrade would delete the certs while the httpd.conf file was left untouched.
  • GD is included in the PHP build, which is now 5.3.0. No need to plug that in anymore.
  • mcrypt was not included in the new PHP build. And that problem has already been solved.
  • My hosts file doesn’t seem to work anymore. Still haven’t figured out what the issue is there.

It was a sum total six or so hours of work. Still well worth the hassles, as I picked up roughly 18GB of drive space and the machine is now noticeable snappier.

MG signing off (while keeping his fingers crossed he didn’t overlook anything)

UPDATE: Also, I’ve taken to GIMP as the go-to photo editing tool, at least until I work up the courage to plunk down the dough for CS4 (or is that CS5). The universal binary, version 2.6.7 for Leopard, works just fine here.

Taking this blog to new heights of petulance with WordPress 2.7

I’d barely gotten use to the 2.6 switch when a new version hit. The new automatic updating functionality kind of freaked me out (hence the delay), but since I’ve been tinkering with the code on this site since time immemorial I figured something was bound to break anyway. And much to my chagrin, nothing did (at least on upgrade), which means I’m forced to do real work, the lure of a winter fishing day notwithstanding.

The new WP dashboard is outstanding – everything is laid out much more intuitively, and the ability to reorganize said layout (along with the rest of the back end interface) only adds to the ease of use. I’ve enabled OpenID commenting too. I was hankering for OpenID some time ago (enough to even pay for it), and just hadn’t had the time to seek out the latest release.  I haven’t installed XRDS-Simple yet so I’m still using a third-party OpenID provider, but frankly I’m astounded that server functionality even exists – Will and Chris have done one hell of a job with the plug-in. Thanks guys.

Have a safe and happy new year.

A much needed upgrade to WordPress 2.6

I bagged going fishing this morning, and decided to upgrade this blog to WordPress 2.6 instead. The long delay (over a year) in upgrading was due to the fact the new WordPress had built-in tag functionality, and I wasn’t sure how things would go with Simple Tagging already in place. I had some database issues that needed attention too, but fishing/fun has taken precedence up until now. In other words, I was lazy – but finally the blog crashed – I couldn’t save anything, so it was as good a time as any.

The upgrade from 2.1 went pretty smoothly. The Simple Tagging import function took two runs to get everything in the right place, and I had to do some manually editing to the database to account for the use of both categories and tags (and had to delete a few tags too, since the slug field was indexed unique). The style sheet needed only minor changes – the call to tags (it’s now the_tags()), and a plug-in which I did some modifications on had to be removed.

The plug-ins (yes, there are some plug-ins here) got upgrades, with few exceptions. My tweaks to Sphere placement went off just fine, but the ShareThis plug-in was another issue. The plug-in is now run as a service – unfortunately I don’t do widgets and the last upgrade to the “classic” version wasn’t doing the trick. I wish Alex and Company much success, but for these web pages it’s now gone. The Flickr plug-in from Joe Tan is much improved, and the remaining utilities are business as usual.

And…I like the new interface!

UPDATE: Almost forgot…there was one permanent issue with tags. Simple Tagging joined words with underscores (_), while the WordPress taxonomy uses dashes (-). So if you linked to say “../tag/fly_fishing/” you may want to try changing it to “../tag/fly-fishing/”.

UPDATE 2: I’ve also installed Google Gears support for WordPress, when using Firefox. And while I’ve noticed that Safari 3+ doesn’t crap-out entries like it did before the upgrade, I’ll probably be using Firefox for accessing the system anyway. With Google Gears running (done by clicking the “Turbo” link in the top right-hand corner of the interface) the WordPress 2.6 interface runs significantly faster than it did beforehand.