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Let the party begin

Once a short (but certainly inadequate) three pages, it became 106, and has since morphed into 450. And passed the Senate. It includes an exemption from excise tax “for certain wooden arrows designed for use by children.” No kidding.

Pushing aside the voluminous pork, my perusal of numerous leading financial blog and mainstream media comment sections noted, for lack of a better term (and without regurgitating profanity), “extreme reluctance” to this bailout. Either the internet denizens were simply reacting with their usual candor, or a whole lot of the general public had a few days to review the ramifications and decided it wasn’t for them.

Nevertheless, the House is set to vote on Friday.

UPDATE: The complete roll call follows after the jump, but in summary:


  • Democrats – 39
  • Republicans – 35

  • Democrats – 9
  • Republicans – 16
  • (more…)