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Utah’s restricted river rights bill defeated (UPDATED)

Utah House Bill 187, which stood to reverse an opinion by the the Utah Supreme Court last summer which reinforced citizens rights to fish most all water, was defeated yesterday by a vote of 34-41. I’m on the sidelines with this one…

  • Bryan Gregson says thank your representative (if appropriate); while
  • Scott Carles notes the legislature has seven days to bring something similar up again this year, so the work isn’t quite over quite yet.

Still, the grassroots effort in getting the word out, via the above mentioned gentlemen, along with Utah Water Guardians and more, seems to have paid off. Some congratulations are in order.

I also hope this event serves as a lesson that fishing waters are a precious (and possibly fleeting) resource, and that anglers now understand that they need to treat pubic waters through private lands (and the obvious private surroundings) the same way they’d treat public water in the public park their kids play in.

UPDATE: The bill is now being reconsidered, just like Scott Carles hinted it would.

FishWatch: Fishing-related legislative round-up for the week ending 02/20/09

FishWatch will likely be yet another weekly column that you never see again, but there are a couple of legal initiatives on plates (and I need some trademarks to make up for the bland styling around here)…


  • Scott Carles continues weeding though the garden that is Utah House Bill 187. He’s set up a special section of his blog dealing specifically with this issue, and is looking for help addressing points that, well…need addressing.
  • And in the even better news category…


  • Stripers Forever reports that one Representative Matt Patrick has introduced a bill to the Massachusetts legislature entitled The Striped Bass Conservation Bill. The point would be to prohibit the commercial harvesting of striped bass in the area, and limit the take from anglers as well.

Know of any other’s worth mentioning?


Hump day fly fishing extravaganza – 02/18/09

Pork-shaped sandwichAnother in a long line of broken series

The Roughfisher has cabin fever, and…

The Trout Underground is doing something about the same issue.

Teton Valley Lodge is taking the education route, while…

Fat Guy Fly Fishing is snacking on pork-shaped patty sandwiches.

Cutthroat Stalker is handling governmental affairs for all of us, and…

I’m heading out to walk the dog.


Utah’s House Bill 187 – Fiction Versus Fact

There’s a bill before the Utah Legislature which many folks have interpreted as the wholesale elimination of a majority of the state’s fishing waters from public access. That’s simply not the case. But rather than try explaining the issue myself, I turn you over to Mr. Scott Carles, an avid fly fisherman who lives and breaths Utah. He’s done his due diligence (and diligent it was), and has come up with some darn easy to understand points you need to consider before marching to the Utah State Capitol with pitchforks in hand.

Scott and I corresponded just before he acquired the latest information he’s presenting. He noted that he had spoken personally with landowners (that are also frequent anglers) – they described incidents immediately after the Utah Supreme Court ruling in Conatser v. Johnson where people not only ripped apart fences to get into property where gates existed close by, but after one landowner asked nicely to please use a gate and watch out for the irrigation pipes, miscreants destroyed the water implements as well. It’s events such as these which I envisioned when I first heard about Conatser, and then HB 187 – a reaction to a ‘no holes barred we can fish where we like’ mentality. I’m an angler – I want to side with my own kind. But hearing the story from Scott came as no surprise to me. It wasn’t that way before Conatser, and it shouldn’t be that way now.

If you’re a party to this matter, it behooves you to consume the results of Scott’s fine investigative work.