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Bye bye Utah. You will be missed.

Last night I had a few drinks with a friend in from Utah. He told me of plans to come back at the end of April with some business colleagues to fish – I’m to be their guide. Then he noted I have to get out his way thereafter, at which time we’ll hit his home waters. Bad news, bubba!

BG tells the story:

Yesterday, we learned of the Gov’s decision to sign HB141 today. Recognizing it’s flaws he will ask the AG to not interfere with any injunctions. Outside of the issue, which has personal ramifications, the Governor support for a flawed process, closed door politics and for a bill that will eventually cost tax payers time and money, shows a glaring lack of leadership at a time when we can ill afford such.

Its a shady blow I think most of us saw coming… it just sucks to know your going to get punched in the face, and you got to just “take it” like a fisherman. Small defeat, but the long term will be an overall victory.

FISHERMEN AND FISHERWOMEN —>THANK YOU ALL!! Locals and non-residents alike!! In the end, we are all fishers, thanks for banding together and fighting along side us.


PS…Anyone hiring in Montana or Idaho please contact me

Mr. Gregson’s blog begs the question: Where To Now? Fitting I say.

The good fight was fought. But things are not often fair when it comes to love, or river access. See you on the Lower Snake BG.

MG signing off (sad, but thankful he didn’t buy a Utah fishing license early)

Give ’em a shout even if you don’t fly fish in Utah

My first western fly fishing experience was in Utah. Prior to that I’d been consistently fishing smallish tailwaters and creeks out east, and spent the introductory day wondering why my 8X tippet kept breaking. A smart-assed friend laughed in my face, and handed me some fiver. Ok, now we’re talking. Everyone is still laughing in my face, but I hold Utah waters dear because it reminds me of the self-professed neophyte status I struggle to break out of to this very day.

Sadly, access to those precious Utah resources has been under recent attack, after a little known opinion in the case of Conaster v. Johnson et. al. (pdf) came down from the Utah Supreme Court. That opinion stated with slight uncertainty that state waters are owned by the public. Of course, this ticked off landowners, and since that time there’s been a lot of wrangling (and lobbying) going on to change the laws, which happen to date back to the early 1950s. It’s a classic rich versus poor scenario, but it doesn’t have to be.

Utah Water Guardians, a grassroots organization formed by some Utah-based fly anglers including Bryan Gregson, Corey Kruitbosch, Tyson Skeen, and Nick Granato, has been working hard to preserve the rights of fly-fishers (and other water-based recreation enthusiasts) while also respecting the concerns of private property owners. It’s not an easy task, and they need your support!

The folks at Utah Water Guardians are not lawyers or lobbyists, but they’ve been happily reviewing draft legislation and posting details of those reviews for public consumption both at their site and their Facebook group page, pretty much on their own accord. As it comes down to the wire, however, they’ve engaged professionals in the previously mentioned arenas to assist. That assistance costs money.

If you’ve ever fished (or kayaked or tubed or whatever else can get you wet) in Utah, it’s worth your time (and dime) to lend a helping hand. Read what they have to say. Join their FB group and voice your support. Best yet…click on the donation button, located on the sidebar of this wretched blog’s home page, and show Utah Water Guardians how much you really care about recreational access in the Beehive State.

MG signing off (to book some time fishing Utah waters this spring, and hoping I’ll have access)