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Virtual porn pad tries knocking off MySpace

Everyone is jumping on the social bandwagon, and the latest and purportedly greatest (with dreams of a million members in six months) is Utherverse. Of course, it is touted as a place to “live your fantasy,” but looks a lot like an amatuer pornography site. No surprise there, as its mothership is something called the Red Light Center, a virtual playroom where you can change your underwear without anyone bothering you. Huh. Additionally, you have to download software to create all this fun – I doubt there is anything spyware laden in it.

In the grand scheme of having no clue, the site is using T&C acceptance and credit card numbers to verify ages. I wasn’t kidding when I said that wouldn’t work. But why would Utherverse care anyway?


On a lighter note regarding MySpace, spyware company Zango (whose nasty spyware has been showing up on the site), is still doing its song and dance.
***UPDATE 2***

Zango’s tune? You’re a liar… (compliments of Sunnyboys).