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A month without Adobe Flash

Tired of distractions zipping around on the screen, as well as the persistent zero-day security warnings (and related “emergency” updates), I removed Adobe Flash from my laptop one month ago today.

What have I missed?

An auto-playing video of some news media talking head?

An auto-playing video of some news media talking head?

Nope. They are the main reason the volume was always muted.

The random sidebar ad somebody paid for?

The random sidebar ad somebody paid for?

Pretty much ignored those regardless.

Von Beardly theatrics?

I would have missed that. But I don’t have to (at least not with Safari).

MG signing off (sans Flash, and without the remotest inclination to reinstall it either)

Get a laugh at my expense

YOURS TRULY: Are you still filming?


Hard to believe this was recorded at the end of a profoundly life changing day, at least as far as angling life goes. We still pour over notes and flow charts and moon phase calendars, working towards praying for a repeat. That has yet to happen, so at least there’s the video.

Can’t wait for the Dirtbag to get his camera rolling on the golf course.

MG signing off (because it is fun to reminisce, even if the laugh is on you)

Less than a minute to utter satisfaction

Can a fly-fishing video sum up the the singular obsession, the wanton desire, the unnatural affinity…in under a minute?

Yes it can.

MG signing off (to watch it again)

If only fly fishing were this easy

I could not stop laughing…

Actually, if it was that easy I probably wouldn’t do it (but it’s fun to think about just one day like that).

3 Out of 4 U.S. Internet Users Streamed Video Online in May

Online video is the craze. Will the networks get busy?