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VoSnap Beta Now Open to the Public!

Via email:

We have great news at VoSnap! We’re proud to announce that we’re inviting the public to start trying out VoSnap. The development team has been hard at work since our beginnings at Startup Weekend, Boulder back in early July. Around that time, you signed up to be notified when VoSnap was available to the public. That time is now!

To start using VoSnap, go to:

No need to bore you with the mini-faq, etc. etc. Just go. For those that don’t know what VoSnap is or where it came from, there’s more here and here.

Congrats to the StartupWeekend team.

On Tuesdays, hackers read newspapers and eat Ramen noodles

Not a regular day, and not expected to be a regular post either…

  • It looks like Rupert Murdoch may get the Wall Street Journal, despite the fear that he’ll turn it into Fox News on paper. I don’t know what everyone is scared about – the WSJ already seems to have pretty strong opinions – the fact that they don’t mind expressing them with the latest technology makes me curious as to what News Corp could possibly do to enhance it in the face of such dismal overall newpaper performance. Keep your eyes and ears open on this one.
  • There are at least 20 ways to aggregate all your social networking profiles. That means there are way too many social networking services out there that don’t differentiate themselves enough, and that hackers/identity thieves don’t have to attack near as many places as they did before.
  • And vosnap, the startup company in the freeze-dried, shrink-wrapped package that 70 people took camping for the weekend is making progress. They’ve changed their homepage, added a blog of their own, and are splattering the content with a combination of wit and humbleness in preparation for live time. In my eyes, the latter means a lot – I’d say this one is going places.
  • UPDATE: On a side note, AskTheVC, the online Q&A sessions with Boulder-based Foundry Group‘s gang, has some additional competition. It’s Marc Andreessen, who exploded onto the tech blogging scene just a few months ago. As more VCs open up, it is going to be interesting to see what disagreements arise (as well as whether some decide to “opinionate” in lockstep just before they do deals together).

    UPDATE 2: I’ll repeat: the Wall Street Journal already has pretty strong opinions. But I guess it’s gospel now that Bill Clinton said it.

    StartupWeekend: resounding success, just incognito

    70 people get together to build a web-based company in a single weekend. That’s 70 people that either barely know each other or have barely worked together – well maybe 60 or so plus a few that actually do work together. Nevertheless, just getting this many people to burn their entire weekend working for 1/70th of the equity in an unfunded enterprise is a feat. Yet, there were naysayers beforehand and the “told ya so” crowd” afterward (the site didn’t actually launch on time), many of whom fall into the following persona categories:

    – Those that thought this project was purely an exercise in building to flip (because they generally can’t see the forest through the trees); and
    – Those that the existing 70 folks probably wouldn’t have wanted around anyway (because they are simply negative-willed pains in the asses).

    There were numerous successes to this “venture,” and you don’t really need a well-trained eye to see them either:

    • A few die hards will finish the project (albeit late), and probably sharpen their negotiating skills (to balance their highly tuned coding skills, and newfound high pressure social skills);
    • A few people will have some fun with the project once it’s done;
    • Vosnap will not need to hire a PR firm when it launches (they’ve gotten plenty of free publicity already);
    • The groundbreaking “all open” development methodology (open as in blogged, video-ed, cross-commented on, etc.) will be the subject of a business school case study, and probably sooner rather than later;
    • Several of the participants will invariably start something else, knowing now that they have complimentary skillsets and further assurances of a productive working relationship;
    • The Foundry Group/TechStars/Boulder/Colorado communities stand to benefit from the above (and they knew it to begin with).

    There are probably a lot more gains to be had that don’t show up at first glance, but I have to go walk the dog.

    Also noted…even though Vosnap didn’t launch on time, there is a distinct lack of directly negative commentary showing up among the “internet influencers” – before you bash this project, ask yourself why.