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Getting back to the hanging chad

The 2000 voting debacle in Florida led to a rush for e-voting machines. Those machines, made primarily by Diebold, have been under fire for some time. Diebold refuses to release the source code for scrutiny, citing the propriety of the software. But nobody will have a problem peeking inside the boxes, as you can open them up with a hotel minibar key.

The Governor of Maryland wants to scrap the machines entirely, risking “the hanging chad” in the upcoming elections. And, as Techdirt points out, it isn’t due to some right-wing conspiracy. Governor Robert Ehrlich is a Republican. And the legislature trying to stop him from turning Maryland into the sunshine state? Uh, Democrats.

They all suck, and your vote means nothing. Ha!


Many are pondering whether the 2004 election was stolen, and of course they are still pissing about the 2000 one.

I say the first week in November is going to be one to remember (even if it is a midterm).