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(Re)introducing Brian Krebs

I’ve been following the Washington Post’s Security Fix blog since the Spamroll days. Its author, Brian Krebs, was one of the most insightful internet security journalists around. He still is, only he isn’t working for WaPo anymore. Brian’s now doing his own thing, at Krebs on Security.

December 29th was the (re)start date, meaning you can still get caught up. And with internet privacy and security perpetually at the forefront of issues net-denizens face (even if they don’t know it until their identity is stolen), I suggest you do. Get caught up that is.

Krebs on Security…stuff the RSS feed in your reader before it’s too late.

MG signing off (to stay secure)

New World Meaning to “Betrayed by the Media”

Alan Dershowitz and Bill Bennett collaborate:

“We two come from different political and philosophical perspectives, but on this we agree: Over the past few weeks, the press has betrayed not only its duties but its responsibilities.” – via Instapundit.com

I’ll bet the botnet building sucker who was “inadvertently” outed by the Washington Post is agreeing with those guys too.

I don’t feel the least bit sorry for him.