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Web 2.0 spinoff you won’t like

Web 2.0 – that crazy new user-generated, find anywhere, share everywhere, AJAX-ified, speeding around on rose-colored ruby-colored rails, next-generation internet we all know and love (and will continue to do so until the media and the telcos screw it all up) – has an evil brother.

Spam 2.0! Cheaper distribution than Spam 1.0, and much more user-friendly (I think it is all written in Python/.NET).

Why teens and hermits won’t have privacy

Those who seem hell bent on the need for privacy may be most apt to lose it. According to Wil Harris, the prevalence of “Web 2.0” sites, with their virtually unlimited “connections” capability, are both a traffic attractant and potential privacy nightmare in waiting for their users.

Don’t ever let your teenaged child tell you to stay out of their room again, citing the need for privacy. They’re on MySpace for goodness sakes.