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Federal Reserve goes Web 2.0

They aren’t twittering and they don’t have a room on Friendfeed, but they are offering RSS feeds for a good portion of their data. (h/t The Big Picture)

Conversations Need to Yield Actions Measured in Dollars

Jonathan Salem Baskin:

At some point, doesn’t this need to communicate everything anywhere need to translate into doing something somewhere?

You’d sure think so.

UPDATE: Apple seems to have found the formula, particularly with the iPhone – keep everything a secret until the last minute and let everyone else do the conversing.

MORE: And Zappos, which seems to be everywhere (while their CEO is all over the social web space, the company also/even sponsors the darn personal item buckets in the airport security line).

Here Comes Another Bubble…

Brilliant. Hilarious. Deja Vu?

H/t to Kara Swisher. Some will say it’s too soon for another, and others (including myself) will reply that cycles are moving faster. Is Charles MacKay’s seminal work still relevant today?

UPDATE: Video edited, much to the chagrin of the overtly politically correct.

Four keys to Web 2.0 success

Someone should develop a database of new companies that meet these criteria:

Ripoff of an existing service…check.
Shitty user-generated content…check.
Horrific sins against programming…check.
Somehow got a plug on TechCrunch…check.

Top ten eleven signs there might be an internet bubble

It’s eleven so Letterman doesn’t sue for trademark infringement.

11. A search engine says their products are more stimulating than coffee.

10. Everyone is talking about advertising.

9. A website that bashes other websites actually has some traffic.

8. Someone throws free money at engineers, while someone else makes engineering free.

7. Stories come out comparing the latest internet revolution to George Orwell’s classic 1984, and The Wall Street Journal covers it.

6. You read a blog headline, and immediate think…”they’re bashing MySpace, so they must be about to plug Facebook.”

5. CMGI is sucking wind.

4. Studies are published touting newfound, widespread application usage, when it’s really just soccer moms using webmail.

3. A guy sells his company and then outlines why there is an internet bubble.

2. Henry Blodget is saying something.


1. The internet is officially proclaimed better than sex.

Bubble 2.0?

Point (you’re all dead…dead I say). Counterpoint (he’s insane).