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How bad does it really smell?


What you are smelling is the scent of failure. It is an unmistakable zero as far as you are concerned.

Your endeavor started off with a bang – you were overtly enthusiastic about its potential. All signs pointed to a grand ole time. Then the conditions took a turn for the worse, and you wound up empty handed.

Or did you?

Was there anything to learn from the experience? Did you gather information? Slice it, dice it, and recognize any pattern? Share the results of that examination with others less biased in, or more capable of, judging the situation for what it was? And is?

Failure, like success, is what you make of it.

And whining is the only sure sign of skunk.

Twitter Leads Social Networks in Downtime [but quit your whining anyway]

Josh Catone:

A new report from Royal Pingdom reveals that Twitter unsurprisingly led social networks in downtime for the first four months of 2008 with a total of 37 hours and 16 minutes. The good news is that even with all that downtime, that’s still a 98.72% uptime percentage for the first third of the year — which isn’t terrible. Can we really complain about a free service thats “only” up nearly 99% of the time?

No, you can’t.

Folks will use any and all outliers (i.e. a world without twittering Steve Job’s keynote is like a world without bread and water) to justify the need for 100% uptime, even though whatever downtime they do experience will probably never exceed the (self-proclaimed) utility garnered from using the service, and even though just two years ago Twitter’s downtime was roughly 100%.

I don’t even use the service, but I still find the whining extraordinarily unjustified.