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An evening of fly fishing antithesis – fine cuisine and aged grape meets the primordial

If you were wondering whether a pack of ‘turd dodgers’ can actually prepare some decent grub without disinfecting it with nitric acid first, look no further than the stove…

Primal Stove
Chow, before the animals move in

Can they gather like normal human beings without hacking each other’s heads off like the barbarians they’ve been labeled as by the media?

Primal Barbarians
Pleasant company – a sure ruse

But if the crew is now asking a born and bred Florida son to come out of bench retirement, just in case they need a few more of these…

Black Death
A carp won’t eat this shit, will it?

…you just have to wonder what Primal Fly has up their sleeves.

Primal Sleeve
Well…maybe not.


MG signing off (to dig up some 2/0 hooks)

Fly Fishing: The sport we know and love has been forever changed

Beginning today (with breaking news coming in every moment)

  • Matt Dunn is an outdoorsman. But, the doctor has spoken, and Matt’s now on a heart-healthy kick. In addition, he had a fly rod stolen a few weeks back, and since he hasn’t finished up his Ph.D. just yet his budget for replacement is nill. He still has his camera and television, however, and is now going to spend a bit more time doing nature photography (and watching basketball game archives). See the new and improved journal of his endeavors here.
  • Tom Chandler is ever the innovator. And since recession and global warming climate change have hit, we are all running low on cash for flies and gas and the dwindling snowpack guarantees the flows will be too low for anything but tadpole breeding anyway. The man is now going to save you the time and expense of getting skunked, and this intrepid reporter suspects the Trout Underground Writer’s Network will soon be hosting blogs where you can display your fishing prowess too. View the real future of fly fishing here.
  • And finally…

  • The hunt for the perfect fly never ends, and that’s why everyone who fly fishes is broke and everyone who makes fly tying materials is now producing fish porn from their island nations. But what if the perfect fly was actually invented long ago, and the secret kept away from the rest of us via blood oath and lock n’ key? MidCurrent believes they’ve uncovered just such a conspiracy – it’s a story that could turn the fly fishing world upside down. Drop your socks and grab your….mouse; then click here.

MG signing off (to hock all his gear on eBay before the rush)

UPDATE: This just in…

Brownlining is hot, hot, hot, yet the IGFA chooses to ignore what certainly is part of the nine-foot (+) future – I guess they don’t have any gear to hock. But proving you can’t put a good man or woman down, think tanks have been hard at work, and the culmination of their efforts is the freshly chartered International Brownline Fly Fishing Association. Rumor has it that secretive (at least with photos of his mug) Singlebarbed founder Keith Barton will be chairing the organization, and famed two-hander Jean-Paul Lipton will take the president’s slot.

STILL MORE: This sent in from a source on Long Island who asked that their identity be kept in the strictest of confidence…


Who’d have thought the sport could move so fast?

“Wine is like the clothes line of life”

My good friend Jim Freveletti and his wife Andrea had been talking for the better part of a year about moving to Italy. Jimmy asked my advice, and I said go (selfish motivation of paying them a visit notwithstanding)! A few months back they made the jump, and I convinced Jimmy to start blogging their new life at JamesFreveletti.com.

They are in the wine business, living in San Gio-something-or-other, and working for Torciano Winery in Poggibonsi – I remember the second location because it makes a great screaming intro every time he Skypes me, which is like twice a fricken day. Yesterday he rang to say he’d spent hours clearing a path through the garden on his property to make way for a clothesline. He described it as the 8th architectural wonder of the world…

Freveletti's clothesline
It’s crash and burn in a stiff wind, so please harvest the rosemary ahead of time

Jimmy probably didn’t realize I was going to re-purpose his photo (and the title for the post – yep, that’s his too) when it hit my inbox. But what’s a little copyright violation amongst friends? Every time he pings me, I simply remind him that there are mountains around his joint, and therefore streams to scope out. I’ll keep stealing his thunder until he finds them (and sends me a plane ticket).

He’s blogging the good life, and hopefully selling a lot of wine too. And I wish he and Andrea well.

As for their wet clothing, fuggetaboutit. Buy a dryer Jimmy!

Editor’s note: At least I think that’s rosemary in the foreground – maybe I should direct Jim to send some of it to Peter Harrison.