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Fortune Contributor “Victim” of WiFi Hack?

Or simple foolishness.

I read this article from David Kirkpatrick over at FORTUNE, and got to thinking. What the heck is wrong with this scenario? Then it hit me.

If you keep your double super-dooper secret passwords in a Word document, on an shared access or otherwise unprotected part of your hard drive, you are begging to get hacked. And that is regardless of whether you sneak access to someone else’s unsecure wireless access point.

Next time, why don’t you put the passwords in a text file – then Linux users without OpenOffice can see them too.

For those of you who understood the sarcasm, please don’t store your passwords like this.

File interoperability, please

If you email someone a document, created in some fancy proprietary file format, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t get read.

In this day and age, there is no reason why a file cannot be an Adobe PDF, a Word doc wrapped in a zip file, or a non-macroed spreadsheet. Acrobat Reader is free, and everyone has a copy of Word and Excel (if you don’t, get OpenOffice..its free too, and it reads everything created using Microsoft Office).

But if you create that valuable piece of information in some program you wrote yourself, compiled in Cobol on a VAX, and used a “.nobodywillknowwhatthehelltodowiththisfile” extension, don’t expect it to be of much use.

I certainly won’t read it.