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OpenID 2.0…Final(ly)!

I wouldn’t have used “finally” here. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

On a side note, ye ole WP-OpenID+ plug-in bounty was closed a while back. Despite the enormous interest (less most of the interest), Will Norris completed the project himself. You can find the WordPress plug-in here – Will has provided a link to fixed repositories, in case you are part of the “can I smoke SVN?” crowd.

The WP-OpenID+ upgrade/bug fix bounty

OpenIDNot a $5,000 bounty – without sponsors like this we’d run out of dog food around here.

Will Norris was kind (and smart) enough to assemble the WP-OpenID+ plug-in for WordPress users. Built on previous work, this plug-in was created around v2.1 of the WordPress platform. I had previously installed it, and found it fantastic; unfortunately by the time I got around to cleaning up archives and taking this weblog live, I had already moved up to WordPress 2.2. I’ve since had problems with it, and I’ve noticed several folks across the web have had some issues with the combination as well. In addition, Will himself noted several flaws with his own work, the most important of which I believe is the need to honor the “anyone can register” component (that which can prevent account creation for everyone who comments on your blog).

worlds-smartest-collieI’m keen to start allowing OpenID access here, and would love to see this plug-in updated. Mr. Norris is very busy nowadays (he is getting married – offer congratulations!), and I think he’s done enough work already (as has Alan Castonguay, who built the previous version and deserves much credit as well). As my collie dog has shown more prowess at hacking code than his owner (although who owns who is the subject of much debate around here), I was thinking about paying him to do it. We agreed that a pound of ground top sirloin would suffice, but I remain concerned about his cholesterol intake. Your diet I’m not going to fret over, and I suspect someone can do a better job than he anyway.

Therefore, I am starting a little bounty to clean up this plug-in. Requirements are simple: 1) fix all the bugs listed in the plug-in directory and note it (however that happens is beyond me); 2) deliver a zip file of the updated plug-in to myself and the WordPress community for testing (on the latter part, again clueless as to how that happens) deliver the changes directly to either Will or Alan (who will have them committed); and 3) have a Paypal account ready so I can pay you. I’m committing $25, and if anyone else wants to make a contribution, note that and the amount in the comments. In addition, it wouldn’t be very cost efficient to rack up duplicative Paypal charges for the purpose of consolidating payment though me, so please be prepared to pay up directly – I know there is honor among open source developers, and there sure as hell better be among those that use their fine work.

That’s it, and thanks in advance.

NOTE: This bounty is in no way affiliated with the OpenID code bounty, nor do I wish to infer that it is. There has been some discussion about including OpenID in the WordPress core, but for now it seems it will remain a plug-in. The intention here is to help ensure those plug-ins are ready and available for all WordPress users.

RUNNING UPDATE: The bounty is up to $50.

UPDATE: See comments for additional information.