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Spam blocking supercedes usability

People are so annoyed with spam, that they seem willing to give up usability for a little better protection. Case in point, Yahoo! Mail versus Gmail.

Interestingly, I use both services for certain things, and I have found both pretty good at filtering spam. I’ve also found both about as useable as you can expect from a webmail interface. Nevertheless, I’ll stick to POP, as I don’t really care about the storage capabilities I get from outside services. I’d rather be able to drag and drop an mbox folder to my desktop, zip and encrypt – lock it away for safekeeping, away from any potential prying eyes, but still have ready access myself.

That’s my idea of usability.

SpamCop Targeting “Organized Crime”

First it was Google’s Gmail, and now it is Microsoft. SpamCop is blacklisting big companies as though they are the lead enforcer on an organized crime taskforce.

The bad of this is that a lot of helpless users are going to get their email bounced. The good part of this is that free email services are a haven for spammers, no matter what they say about security. Maybe this will force them to tighten up their ships a little more.