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Remnants of Teton Dam

The walk in was a breeze. The walk out left a little to be desired, unless you also wanted some exercise. Which was in fact the case.

On what was ostensibly a business trip, who wouldn’t steer towards the capture and safe release of a specimen so beautiful, and so near to endangerment? In a place obscured by the naked eye while rolling across an otherwise nondescript farm plain?


Click for the gallery (ex-fishes)

We are happy to report that photos were taken that prove a dam was once there, and is still gone. But not a single picture was taken of the prized Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout, because we are really shitty anglersthe target species renders in photos like vampires…we ran out of single malt and accidentally erased the memory card in a fit of rage over our blunder.

No need to venture forth to the Teton River – we’ve provided all you need to know right here.

MG signing off (after departing an enigmatic location, wrapped in paradox and delivered by history)