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“Backing into the numbers”

To few numbers, me says. You have to inundate in order to confuse.

YouTube was about to make Google a extra 3/4 of a billion in net revenue, but the analyst’s estimate was off by a factor of 1,000. Now Mary Meeker & Co. have corrected their minuscule error, and changed the assumptions so they don’t wind up with a minuscule result.

Does this mean Bear Stearn’s estimate of Facebook’s value is really five to six million?

Security concerns at YouTube

But they’re not the kind you are thinking about now.

No, instead of charging YouTube with having some type of security flaw, a government contractor charged that Coast Guard vessels have security flaws, via YouTube.

Had you there for a second, didn’t I?

YouTube “Star” Emmalina hacked and retired

An Australian gal who found fame via YouTube is retiring from her video blogging, citing invasion of her privacy after her personal computer was hacked.

This would generally be too sensationalist for Spamroll, but I am hoping someone will provide some details as to exactly how someone found her PC (presumably) and how they got in.

Such info could help protect other online video starlets, don’t you think? You know, the ones who expose every detail of their private lives on med-res video for the entire world to see? Naw, I just wanted a stupendous headline for the Monday morning traffic.

At least you know we’re honest over here, eh? But if anyone has that info, please provide anyway.