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The most disappointing part of the end-of-the-world prophesy

Rather than partake in the traditional fish and chips, with a pint of Guinness, last night my friends and I consumed poached salmon over basil noodles, along with bargain Chardonnay. Sure, it sounds like a grand ole time, but the unnecessary preparations for the zombie apocalypse, performed in accordance with the CDC’s guidelines, has now really taken the wind out of my sails.

No, it isn’t that the end-of-the-world failed to materialize, but being 18 time zones away from it’s predicted beginning when it didn’t happen.

MG signing off (prematurely disappointed that no zombies will be knocking on my door)

Massive Botnet Attack on the prowl

I don’t have a heck of a lot to say about botnets, as I have a firewall doing NAT translation in front of my machines, and software-based firewalls and anti-virus protection on all machines. And I receive little or no spam, so in essence, I don’t have experience with botnets and what kind of damage they can do.

But there is a big trojan attack building zombied computer networks across the world right now, and security experts are warning about growing trojan threats.

If you don’t already have protections in place yet, I suggest you get some now.

You may be a phisher, and not even know it

The struggle to maintain security on the home PC takes a new twist once a machine is zombiefied. According to a recent report via a joint German/UK effort, phishers may likely be using your zombie machine to launch the spam attacks, but it doesn’t end there.

Phishers often use home computers to install URL redirection services, host phishing websites, as well as infect other machines that they can do the same to. As phishing attacks come and go like the wind, it is no wonder phishers don’t mind lending control of their offering to some grandmother’s Windows 98 box.

1/5th of new zombies are Chinese – the rest are…

Well who the heck knows, but I suspect they are American. I see zombies walking around every morning. In to Starbucks they go, and when they come out, they are live humans again. Unfortunately for me, I got the “zombie” part all mixed up (and did it while sounding moronic to boot).

We are talking about zombied computers here. Zombies are machines that have been infected with malicious code, and are now spewing code of their own, sending out spam, or just pinging the ports of every computer they can find and sending the information someplace else.

And according to the latest less-than-brilliant report, one in five zombies are from China. OK.